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“No shortcut. Great design starts from scratch from sketch.”

This is one of the principles I told myself when I started my cake shop, Pastry Union. I am so busy sketching, cooking and many many other things till I suddenly realise that it has been months since I last posted in Kitchen Nonsense.

“How to make chocolate mousse?” my sister once asked.

I replied by giving around half an hour lecture on chocolate, cream, ganache detailing the Hows and Whys of the method bla bla bla… She stopped me and said, “Okay, I gave up. It’s just too complicated.”

I am so used to reading books written for professional chefs and teaching chefs-to-be that I overlook what my sister actually needs is a simple 1-2-3 recipe. And then I come across this interesting website, They Draw and Cook. Here, artists from around the world use beautifully illustrated recipes to bring joy back in the kitchen. These illustration awake my crayon childhood. They certainly ring a bell that cooking can be simple and fun, can’t it?