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A customer once asked, “Among the three signature cakes of Pastry Union, which one is your personal favourite?”

Devil is wicked, Mooo is a Gemini, and Garden is poetic. Hmm… this is a tough question, as if asking a mom to choose the son or daughter she loves most. In fact, the birth of Mooo is my answer to the debate between chocolate cake and cheesecake.

Mooo has layer of chocolate cake sandwiching a baked cheesecake which is then coated with cream cheese mousse. When indulging the Mooo, sometimes you will get velvety melt-in-the-mouth cheesecake, sometimes you will enjoy the hint of bitterness from the chocolate and your mood may sway from moment to moment. Chocolate and cheese are both super rich foods;  each has its own character, yet like twins, they blend together so well.

Since we have cows to thank for the creation of Mooo, it’s justifiable to let lovely cows made from dark bitter chocolate to roam the creamy pasture. And the cow goes Mooo.