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I was in the midst of designing and developing cakes in Pastry Union kitchen. It was one of those dog days. Not only the chocolate was melting, but also the sketches with cake ideas. Nothing seemed to give me the “Eureka a-ha” inspiration. Well, not until the rain falls.

I smell the scents of rain on dry earth. I feel a breeze of freshness thread through the air. It’s a moment to capture and I wish to share this experience through my medium — cake.  I can start sculpting tree, flowers, birds with fondant and coloring, but this cake is about celebrating the beauty of nature. Loading a cake with more sugar and artificial coloring is not the way things work in Pastry Union. More cake sketches, more research, more mock-ups, more trial and errors.

A frequently heard advice is to go with something you love. Chocolate cake (What else?). Cranberries come next. They are simply too good, why should I have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy them?  So I have chunks of flourless chocolate cake with cranberries-infused chocolate Chantilly, and to the breath of new life: fresh wholesome nuts (seeds) emerge and dot the landscape.

Presenting the Garden – Can you feel the wafts of petrichor?