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The day I decided to start Pastry Union, I decided that chocolate cake will be the signature cake. It’s easy to decide on starting with chocolate cake, since chocolate can always give me the energy kick when I’m feeling down. Yet, there is endless possibilities with chocolate cake. Where should I start?

Many of my friends wonder: as a pastry chef, with all the desserts luring you everyday, how could you resist the temptations? Usually, I would reply “I taste. Not eat”. Yet, frankly, my friend, if I would describe my relationship status with cakes on Facebook, it will always be “it’s complicated”. Like a seesaw, the crave for great cakes and the weight-calories warning is constantly playing in this love-hate relationship. There’s a little devil in me, and in many cake lovers, looking for chances to strike and eventually, the “rational” surrenders.

Let’s make a Devil cake then. A moist and rich chocolaty cake dedicated to all chocolate lovers. A cake to indulge in each and every bite, not to fill up the stomach. Will a chocolate layer cake suffice to experience the wonders of chocolate? Probably not. So, here you go, a Devil cake, lovingly made from: Chocolate sponge with velvety chantilly cream; enveloped in rich mousse and ganache. Horn: dark bitter chocolate (70% cocoa solids) fused with a dose of wickedness.

“I don’t mind going to the gym after tasting your cake,” said a customer. The Devil grins.