Hi, I’m Yin. Welcome to Kitchen Nonsense.

I went to Australia to earn a degree in mass communication. Instead, I learned to communicate with food. When my course mate was looking for reference in the library, I was busy experimenting ‘top rated’ recipes I found from the internet.

This half-hearted attitude towards media certainly didn’t land me in CNN. I tried fitting myself in standard office booth, but realize that I was always waiting for a breakthrough of aroma from lunch boxes.

With a wish to provide better food options, I quit my job and run Nangka Café in Shanghai. It was not easy indeed, especially to deal with the officers. I had to close the Café but the door to be a chef was opened and Le Cordon Bleu led me to the world of professional kitchen. Currently, I am running my own artisan cake shop, Pastry Union.

I love being in the kitchen. If you wonder what’s happening in the kitchen in hotels and restaurants, stay tuned to Kitchen Nonsense. I would like to share with you stories of chefs, recipes that I enjoy, book that I read…just about anything on food.